Controlling Two Different Characters Proves Difficult

We all loved Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The controls took some getting used to, but that was part of its undeniable charm. Shadow Puppeteer controls similarly, but what starts off as a serene puzzle game soon turns into a brain aneurysm.

When you aren't being chased by in-game shadows the game feels manageable. You have all the time in the world to get to grips with controlling two characters at once. It was only when being chased that my brain would get confused. I'd panic! What stick controlled what? Oh no! I'm dead! In a way, it was fun.

For your own sanity, if you are going to play Shadow Puppeteer, please, I beg you to use a controller. I can't imagine how my brain would have reacted just using a keyboard. (It would have probably melted.) There's a co-op mode too, which is a lot easier, but you still better beware the shadow cat.


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THANK THE BABY JESUS LEO IS BACK! to watch the video, which i'm sure is going to be hilarious.

[edit]: ...and it was. glad you're feeling better, leo. definitely looking forward to more of your videos, as they're always one of my favorite things on this site.