Controlling Mario Kart And Smash Bros. With An Exercise Bike Looks Like Fun/Hell

Gif: Mike Choi

Look, man, I get the idea here, but I am playing video games to not exercise, not to exercise.


But I admire the ingenuity on display, and can fully appreciate that my steadfast determination to die slowly in this husk of a body may not be everyone’s approach to health and fitness. The idea of exercising while playing Mario Kart and Smash Bros., especially in these times of lockdown, might actually sound pretty good to loads of folks.

If that’s you, hardware guru Mike Choi has got you covered, with the creation of the Labo Fit Adventure Kart Kit, which works with Nintendo’s Labo system and Ring-Con to make you work your ass off every single second you’re playing a game.

That little robot that presses the buttons for you is very cool, and I’d love to see it employed in other situations, like, I dunno, inputting Street Fighter special moves since I’m so terrible at them.

My favourite part of the whole thing though is the fact Mike made a mascot for the robot, then made an Amiibo for the mascot.

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Image: Mike Choi

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i’ve done something similar with my stationary bike and rocket league.  the bike isn’t actually doing anything for the game, it’s just the thing i’m pedaling my ass off one while i play.  it’s makes 20-30 minutes of cardio go by pretty quickly.