Contra Remade In LittleBigPlanet (The Whole Thing)

Remakes in LittleBigPlanet—or LBPmakes, if you will—are typically nothing if not impressive. The Gradius remake, for example, might have blown your mind. But this Contra remake is awesome if only for its exhaustive authenticity.


This group effort covers all eight levels of the arcade and NES classic from Konami and was developed by a group of NeoGAF message board-lurking LittleBigPlanet fans over the course of the past month. The eight levels available for PlayStation 3 owners as of, well, right now, should the trailer for LittleBigContra get you excited enough to download.

The official post on the project features screenshots, credits, intimate details and the high drama of any NeoGAF thread.

LittleBig Contra is OUT NOW!! Let's Attack Aggressive, GAF [NeoGAF]


I made an awesome remake of the last level of Contra 3, it had to split in half because of the memory restraints involving enemy count of LBP, but it looks great and has all the classic bosses. But I didn't get mentioned in Joystiq. :(

If you want to play them, check them out by searching for the PSN ID: Comtar