Contact Creator Has Another Space Game For The DS

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Audio Inc., the brains behind Sakura Note and the excellent Contact, have a new DS RPG in the pipeline, jam-packed with synthesisers and Engrish. Let's take a look!


It's called Space Agency. Whether it's the sequel to Contact (which was designed by Audio's boss Akira Ueda) or not, it's hard to tell with all that Babelfish flying around, but what is clear is that this is something Audio Inc. would like published in the West (hence the "pitch" notes), and that it's something I give my full blessing and support to.

[via Tiny Cartridge]

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Contact was, and still is, one of my favorite games of this "Generation". I just wish it "Ended" a bit differently.

This is more than a day-one purchase for me, this is a special edition pre-order material right here.