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Console War Has Changed, PS2 Declines In Old Age

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even as the current console generation marches on, PlayStation 2 sales and software both have kept reliably chugging like a newly-slimlined little Energizer Bunny. But Sony's fiscal 2008 annual report shows that both PS2 hardware and software have begun to demonstrate a decline.

Sony sold .98 million fewer PS2s than it did over last fiscal year, and PS2 software sales are down 39.5 million units year-over-year, too.


According to the report, Sony is planning on continuing decline for the PS2 in its ninth year since release. "However, on the back of worldwide hardware expansion, there are plans for a diversified portfolio of software titles to be released, and, thus, Sony will strive to maintain the scale of this business," said the company.

How are Sony's other platforms stacking up? Chart, and more delicious numbers, after the jump.


Still, though, PS2 software sales dominated over PS3 and PSP software, with almost three times as many units sold. Interestingly, it's the PSP that's sold more hardware than either the PS2 or PS3, moving a total of 13.89 million units, over four million more than last year.

PSP sold 55.5 million units of software, a small .8 million-unit bump over last year, putting it on par with PS3 software at 57.9 million units. PS3 software made a grand leap to reach that point, though, up 44.6 million units over last year.

Worldwide hardware unit sales (increase/decrease year-on-year ):

PS2: 13.73 million units (a decrease of 0.98 million units)

PSP: 13.89 million units (an increase of 4.36 million units)

PS3: 9.24 million units (an increase of 5.63 million units)

Worldwide software unit sales (increase/decrease year-on-year ):

PS2: 154.0 million units (a decrease of 39.5 million units)

PSP: 55.5 million units (an increase of 0.8 million units)

PS3: 57.9 million units (an increase of 44.6 million units)