Congrats! You Win An Xbox 360 With A Messed Up Slot

Know who won that Fable II signed Xbox 360 contest? Some guy named NeoxDonut. He was thrilled to get the Peter Molyneux autographed console. That is, until he tried plugging it in.


The customized console is wrapped in a first generation casing. The innards seem new, but the shell is not. Below is a picture of the A/V slot for a first generation Xbox 360.

Compare this with the HDMI-equipped A/V slot of the Xbox 360 Elite.


Now look at this Frankenconsole mess.


The A/V and HDMI slots are shoehorned into a casing designed for only an A/V Slot. Meaning? It's not possible to plug the A/V cable in and difficult to even get the HDMI cable in there. Last we checked, being able to plug your console in is kind of important.

Thanks Toast for the tip!

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