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The preview weekend download for Madden NFL 12 is now underway for PlayStation 3 subscribers to the Season Ticket. Because of the way this is handled (through the PlayStation Store, instead of an application) some may be confused about how to start the download. Here is the answer:

• After purchasing the EA Sports Season Ticket (or if you already have), go to the PlayStation Store main page.
• In the lefthand column, select "New Releases" (under PlayStation Plus, and above Games)
• The Madden NFL 12 logo should be the first choice in the fourth row; select that.
• If you have purchased Season Ticket, all you have to do is select "Download." It is 4.82 GB, playable once it fully downloads and installs.


It wasn't immediately clear to many PS3 subscribers (including me) that they have to revisit the PlayStation Store to find their preview download. Now it is.

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