Confirmed: Telltale's Making A Game of Thrones Series

The rumors were true: Telltale, the studio behind The Walking Dead, is making a Game of Thrones video game series, they just announced at the Spike VGX. It's based on the show, and it's coming next year.


Telltale says it'll be similar to their previous series, and there will be big battles—"You'll be swinging a sword now and then."—but not the type of heavy action scenes you'd see in other video games. It is still Telltale.

Since it's based on the show, host Joel McHale jokingly asked if that meant there'd be a lot of sex scenes. Telltale's Kevin Bruner's response: "There are sex scenes on the show?"

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So they make a bunch of bad games. Then they make a game people liked. Now they are making a new game for every series, and is the only dev at VGX apparently making new games.