Nintendo is not holding a big time E3 press conference this year. Bummer! Know why that's a bummer? The memes and the memories, that's why.


In the past, Nintendo's E3 press conferences have given birth to some of the best gaming memes the internet has seen. Thus, this summer could see a huge hole in internet fun, which is truly unfortunate.

Let's take a look back at some of the most delightful (and delightfully embarrassing) Nintendo's E3 press conference moments from over the years.

Thanks for the meme-mories, Nintendo!

"That's the Worst Japanese I've Ever Heard"

This was apparently the first question Shigeru Miyamoto was asked at the 2001 E3 press conference.


Reaction Guys

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The meme is called "Gaijin Yonkoma" ("4-frame foreigners") in Japan, where it still pops up online from time to time. The meme uses two photos of IGN reporters (disinterested in one and excited in the other) to show, as KnowYourMeme explains, something akin to "At first I was like X, but then I was like Y."

The now famous photos were taken at Nintendo's 2003 and 2004 press conferences and uploaded to IGN's boards. From there, the photos went viral in Japan.

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"Kicking Ass, Taking Names, and Making Games"

This is from Nintendo's 2004 E3 press conference, which showcased the Nintendo DS and hinted at the then codenamed Revolution. That console would become the Nintendo Wii.


Link Miyamoto

This was a high point for E3, for Nintendo, and for everyone. Even to this day, goosebumps.


Miyamoto, The Orchestra Conductor

I wanted this game. Wii Music was not this game. But for a few minutes on stage at the 2006 E3, Nintendo created magic.


"My Body is Ready"

Said by Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime at the 2008 E3 and never forgotten by the internet. The press conference itself, however, was not good. At all.




Non-Specific Action Figure

This happened. No, really. It did. But, you know what, it's aged pretty well.

Reggie Is a Zombie

At last year's E3, Reggie turned into a zombie—or a zombi. He likes French food, but who doesn't?


There are many more Nintendo E3 memes and moments from over the years, whether it's Miyamoto pretending to throw a Pikmin into the crowd or the company unveiling new hardware like the Nintendo 64. What made those moments was that they were big. There was a crowd. There was energy.

Sometimes, Nintendo pulled off feats of wonder and amazement. Sometimes, Nintendo fell flat on its face. But one thing was constant: Nintendo gave E3 everything it had. And this year, Nintendo isn't, which is a shame. A real shame.

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