Conan O'Brien Tries To Understand World of Warcraft, Fails Miserably

Conan O'Brien took a trip to this year's BlizzCon to play World of Warcraft's next expansion and to try to understand one of the most popular MMOs out there. But he also stepped in as a commentator for the World of Warfract Arena Global Finals with, well, not much knowledge of the game at all.

Let's just say, we're fortunate enough that he didn't appear during the StarCraft WCS finals.


Conan Plays "World of Warcraft" At Blizzcon 13 [Team Coco, YouTube]

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J.D. Levite

I don't mind Conan, I think he's funny and I enjoy him making fun of himself trying to learn games. I just think sometimes these come across as pretty condescending to gamers... and stereotypical, too with cracks like "Get your own apartment, eventually."