Conan Takes Show To TBS, But He Could've Gone To... Xbox Live?

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Former Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien is headed back to television this fall, inking a deal with cable station TBS to establish a new late night show. One report says that Conan was in talks for a very different deal.


News of O'Brien's deal with TBS comes from Variety, who writes that the former Late Night host will start his new show this November at an 11 p.m. time slot. But according to a report from Deadline Hollywood, Conesy and company were at one point in "discussions with Microsoft about an Xbox deal for Conan's show that would have broken new ground." I'd say that's an understatement, considering the Xbox platform features little in the way of original and daily recorded video content, especially on par with a late night talk show of O'Brien's caliber.

If true, Microsoft's reported intention to bring that type of content to the Xbox Live platform could be telling of its plans to expand what the service might offer Xbox 360 owners. We've reached out to Microsoft reps seeking comment on the report, but have not yet heard back.


CONAN O'BRIEN MAKES TBS DEAL! [Deadline Hollywood via NeoGAF]

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TBS!? I hope he has a backup plan. He should have gone to Fox.