For a guy whose show isn’t broadcast in South Korea and with no official Korean language presence whatsoever, Conan seems popular. Ditto for his Clueless Gamer co-host Aaron Bleyaert.

After a Korean fan sent Conan some nice letters and Korean snacks, the late night host decided to visit the country and the fan. “Because,” as Conan recently told his viewers, “ladies and gentlemen, here is my motto—and I want this to get out all around the world—if you send me free snacks from your country, I will travel there in person to thank you. That’s what I do.”


As tipster Sang points out, the Korean news (yes, this made the national news) reports that several hundred people were waiting for Conan at Incheon Airport.

[GIF via YTN]

Just look at this reaction. It’s what boy band members get, not middle-aged talk show hosts. No wonder Conan tweeted, “I’ve landed in South Korea. I will never leave.”


So if Conan isn’t shown in Korean on television in the country, what gives? Many skits and interviews have been translated into Korean and posted on YouTube. Some of the ones that haven’t been removed due to copyright have racked up views in the six figure digits. The Korean Spa visit might have helped to put Conan on people’s radar, but most popular, it appears, is Clueless Gamer. Don’t believe me? Just check out the reaction Aaron Bleyaert, Conan’s gaming cohort, got at the airport in South Korea.

The crowd is chanting “Aaron! Aaron! Aaron!”

The reaction, it appears, has been incredible.

Top GIF: YTN | Team Coco

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