Conan O'Brien Builds Working Angry Birds Set, Smashes Stuff Up

Illustration for article titled Conan OBrien Builds Working emAngry Birds/em Set, Smashes Stuff Up

In honour of the great nation of Finland, talk show host Conan O'Brien built a working version of smash mobile game Angry Birds. Using Ikea furniture. Then smashed it all to pieces.


If you're wondering why all the Ikea, there is nothing Finns (and Angry Birds was made by Finns) hate more in this world than a Swede. Call it payback for centuries of Swedish rule over the stubborn Scandinavian state, call it little brother complex, but if you ever needed a better story as to why those birds were so keen on destroying those pigs, just imagine the pigs were Swedes.

In case you didn't catch the clip late last week, you can see it below in all its furious, ginger-topped glory.


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Fins are kind of outsiders in Scandinavia, thanks to their language. Finnish sound nothing like Swedish, Norwegian or Danish, where the other 3 can communicate with each other.

But well.... Don't think that matters anymore since everyone in scandinavia speaks english when they hit 11 or 12 years. I wish I knew more Fins though. They are pleasant to talk with.

I don't really think that Fins have much against the Swedes in general though... However, we are ready to literally kill each other when it comes to football. God I hate you Sweden. You and your Ibrahimowich.