Conan Exiles' First Big Expansion Enters Early Access

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Launched today into early access on PC with a full release planned for early next year, Isle of Siptah is the first major expansion pack for Funcom fantasy survival game Conan Exiles. It’s a whole new magical map to explore, complete with strange magic, deadly dungeons, and a bunch of fresh content for players to lament over.

When I think of Conan Exiles, I think sand and loincloths. I prefer my Conan a bit more complex. Give me dark magic, dense jungles, eldritch temples, and maybe some ancient gods thrown in for good measure. That’s what Isle of Siptah looks to bring to the table. The forgotten island is plagued by storms both natural and magical, and filled with secrets dating back to the first clashes between humanity and the Elder Races. Oooo, Elder Races.

Behind all the hocusing and pocusing is the same build/conquer/dominate gameplay of the original release, though fresh lands make Isle of Siptah a great place for new and returning players to restart their Conan Exiles adventures.

That looks like fun. Never go wrong with them sky tentacles.
Screenshot: Funcom

Isle of Spitah is now available for purchase on Steam for $20, with a full launch on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation due in early 2021.

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So...basically ancient Egypt Cthulhu? Isn’t this a pretty old game to be just now getting a DLC?