After the famously fudged-up PlayStation 3 port of Platinum Games sexy action game, fans were rightly cautious when Nintendo announced the original Bayonetta would come bundled with its Wii U exclusive sequel. Digital Foundry puts those worries to rest.

Putting all three versions of Bayonetta through the wringer, Digital Foundry found that while some of the flashy light bloom effects of the 360 version are absent from the Wii U, the shadows are much better and the load times drastically cut.

How does the Wii U stack up against Xbox 360 then? To put it simply: very favourably. In fact, while it's difficult to nail down a 1:1 comparison due to the game's chaotic nature, similar sequences actually suggest slightly faster overall performance on Wii U. Coupling a slightly higher frame-rate with the elimination of screen-tear results in a smoother experience overall. Frame-rate drops occur in all of the same situations as Xbox 360, but the bulk of the experience seems to maintain its 60fps target fairly well indeed.

Check out the Digital Foundry post over at Eurogamer for frame rate comparisons and more. And for a good laugh, check out the Wii U versus PS3 comparison video below.