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Comparing The Sweeping Robots Found In The Avengers And Destiny

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Image: Bungie / Marvel / Kotaku

Back when Destiny first released I remember a lone robot sweeping 24/7 in a back corner of the Tower. Over time this robot became a fan favorite, even getting official merchandise. And in what appears to be a nod to that bot, the new Avengers game also has a sweeping robot of its very own. Let’s compare them.

I’ve not played much of Destiny since the last big expansion for the first game, so I’m not up on all the important robot sweeping lore. But it appears that after appearing the first game, the sweeping robot from Destiny 1 has gone on to appear in Destiny 2, a trailer, and elsewhere within expansions and updates. In comparison, the robot sweeping in The Avengers is only spotted, at least for now, in one mission during the campaign. No spoilers: At some point towards the middle of the story Kamala needs to sneak out of a place and while she’s doing that she encounters the sweeping robot. Sadly, our custodial robot doesn’t seem to appear in the online portion of The Avengers. So enjoy this one and only moment with them while you can during this mission.


When it comes to the act of actually sweeping, things get interesting. (As interesting as sweeping robots in video games can get.)

The robot as it appears in Destiny 2.

For starters, the sweeping bot in Destiny has a much larger broom. In comparison, the robot in Avengers has an old-looking and tiny broom. It looks to be really stiff too, which isn’t ideal for sweeping. But the robot in Avengers is moving around, cleaning more of the ground, while the bot in Destiny is famously stuck in one spot and seems to be cleaning a much smaller area. While this might mean that one particular spot is VERY clean, it isn’t efficient or a great way to sweep. And the robot in The Avengers has bright lights, letting it sweep up easier in the dark.

The sweeping robot in Avengers.
Gif: Marvel / Kotaku

Sadly, while the Avengers robot has a better sweeping technique and nifty flashlights, it’s wasting it all by attempting to sweep up a sandy desert floor. I don’t know if this robot was programmed to only clean this area or if it chose to clean this spot, but either way, it’s a waste of time. You are just moving sand around ontop of more sand in a cave filled with...sand.


So, for that reason, I have to award the sweeping robot gold medal to the robot from Destiny. And I’m sorry to the robot from Avengers. Maybe one day someone will take you to a hallway in a building and you can truly make a difference and finally get some sweeping done.