Maybe you like Mass Effect 2. Maybe you like Swedish popstar Robyn. She likes Mass Effect 2, but that doesn't mean she likes you. Yes, two weeks of Mass Effect 2 tweets. It's that good!

I feel like we have heard this before. Several times, even.

So a guy (Ian Cummings) who works out a franchise (Madden) that comes out on time every year like clock work is doing his taxes in February? No, I am not surprised.


Drew Holmes, writer/designer at Volition, is your honest friend. Who makes you cry.


Huh, that's different from the gas mask I use habitually. Huh.

Yep, the dude that drops peanut butter and potato chips out of a plane.


George Broussard (of Duke Nukem Forever fame) productivity watch continues.

Does everyone like Mass Effect?

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