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Comparing Battlefield 3 On 360 With HD Textures and Without

To recap, Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3 has an optional HD texture install. The game's developers DICE have said that without this, the game looks "standard def". But why take their word for it when you can see the difference yourself?


The video above compares the game running first with the pack installed and then without (it's the 360 version).


Most of the time, there doesn't appear to be much difference! It's only when you start looking at the incidental stuff, or things outside your immediate point of interest, that you see where things are lacking.

Illustration for article titled Comparing emBattlefield 3/em On 360 With HD Textures and Without

Then again, some of the time, the difference is pretty damn clear.

Given the fact almost everybody playing the game on 360 will have a HDD, and thus install the textures, this of course won't be a problem for, well, any of you, I'd hope. Same goes for PS3: you'll all have HDDs on Sony's console, so there's no excuse.


But it's still interesting seeing the workaround in action, no?

[thanks ArmstrongJx4: Cleared Act 4!]

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This looks great.

I have the PC version. I run everything at ultra because I upgraded my hardware for this game - but honestly - for the price of my graphics card alone, console players have a great looking game that is honestly on par with the PC version.

Its not about hardware any more. Its about good coding and efficient engines.