Company of Heroes, Homeworld Studio Making More Free-to-Play Games

PC strategy gods Relic Entertainment look to be moving deeper into the world of free-to-play games, if a number of job descriptions on the company's site are anything to go by.

(They usually are).

They're looking for a Creative Director, Executive Producer and Senior Designer, all of which are specifically tagged as "Free-to-Play" roles.


It's of course not the first time Relic has dabbled in the field; the doomed Company of Heroes Online title was free-to-play before it closed down in 2011.

But that was a conversion of an existing product. Hiring new staff specifically to work in the field implies something a little more serious.

Wouldn't it be a cruel stab in the guts to, after years of asking for a Homeworld sequel, get one only for it to be free-to-play?, sorry for that. That was a dark place we all just went. I'm actually a little upset now, and am going to go sit down and convince myself it'd surely be something else.


Seems Relic's Expanding Its Free-to-Play Plans [Giant Bomb]

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