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Community Torn After Destiny 2's First Prestige Raid Is Cleared Using Glitches

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, Clan Redeem was the first team to finish the harder, “prestige” version of Destiny 2's Leviathan raid. But because they used a well-known glitch, some players are calling for their disqualification.

Any time Destiny gets a new raid, elite clans race to see who can finish as “world’s first.” Destiny 2’s raid was released back in September, but the new “prestige” difficulty allows for a new race to be first. The prestige raid was initially delayed a week, most likely because of an exploit that allows teams to stop enemies from spawning in the final boss fight. Bungie hasn’t yet patched that exploit, but said that as they work on a fix, they’ve implemented a method to track its use so as to disqualify anyone using it to finish the prestige raid first.

Yesterday, clan Redeem claimed a world’s first finish, winning by a margin of only four minutes. Before they had time for so much as a victory lap, other players began pointing out that Redeem finished by using a different glitch in their winning run.


The glitch in question is called “coil glitching.” It’s a cheese attached to the Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher that lets players instantly fill up their power ammo. It’s nowhere near as big a deal as the boss cheese Bungie was keeping track of, but in Destiny 2, your power weapon typically has limited ammo reserves, so something like this can definitely still prove advantageous. If you want to see how to do it, watch this video closely at about 11 seconds in. Sweatcicle, a member of Redeem, performs the glitch flawlessly while saying “I’m coil glitching.”


Or check out this video from another one of the team members, Gladd, at around 55:09, where several of his teammates say that they are “coiling.” Here’s YouTuber Kota demonstrating the technique back in September.

Responses to Bungie’s tweet congratulating Redeem on their first place finish are peppered with people pointing out Redeem’s blatant use of the coil glitch, with a few people calling it “cheating.” Not long after Bungie congratulated Redeem, a video of the team coil glitching was posted on Reddit, with the poster saying, “Any exploit should be considered cheating. Not saying anyone should be banned over something like this, but it should invalidate world’s first (especially considering how ammo limits are an issue in the raid).”


Not everyone agrees with that stance, but a vocal camp of people have called for Redeem’s disqualification. In response to that post on Reddit, a representative from Bungie posted, “We have seen the reports that an ammo exploit was used today in the Prestige Raid. This was not the specific exploit we were checking for and we don’t currently have the ability to detect it. Tomorrow we will release the top 3 finishers in the TWAB. You can make your own decision as to who should be celebrated.”

While some are calling for Redeem to be disqualified, members of Redeem don’t seem all that bothered. Sweatcicle even retweeted a video making light of his blatant use of the glitch. Esoterickk, a member of the clan that finished in sixth place, has also publicly come out to say that Redeem should be credited with first place. In response to a comment on Reddit saying that because Esoterickk’s team did not appear to use glitches to complete the raid, they should be given first place, they wrote, “As part of that team, I entirely disagree that we should be considered ‘first’ in that case, nor anyone before us other than Redeem.”