The Commodore 64 is a machine beloved by many who grew up in the 1980s. Like me. Which is why it's fun to hear that it's parent brand is making a comeback.

A new company, Commodore USA, is currently digging through the rights to the ol' hardware, and once acquired, intends to release new models. Not a "classic" re-release, an all-new, 21st century computer-in-a-keyboard.

There's no word yet on whether this new hardware would be geared towards gaming, as the original Commodore 64 wound up being, or whether it'll simply be a novelty PC. Whichever it turns out to be, it'll be good seeing that chompy "C" logo again.

The Commodore 64, the most famous of Commodore's range of personal computers (which included the Vic 20 and Amiga), was originally released in 1982, and would dominate the mid-80s home computing scene until its decline later in the decade.


Note the pic above isn't the actual unit. Just a concept whipped up by Gizmodo, based on a similar existing product, the Cybernet ZPC GX31.

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