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Commercials Are Better With Video Game Music

Last night I spent about four hours watching the Food Network, because once you start watching an episode of Chopped it's impossible to not watch three more.


This is not unusual. What is unusual is this commercial for Edible Arrangements, which stuck out when I saw it on Food Network last night for reasons unrelated to flower baskets made out of delicious fruit. Watch it. Listen to the music. What does that sound like?

Yep, the first ten seconds are a sped-up version of Aeris's Theme from Final Fantasy VII. It's uncanny. For reference, here's the relevant tune (starts at around 0:32):

Of course, this isn't the first time other pieces of pop culture have borrowed iconic video game tracks. So now I leave it to you, fine readers of Kotaku. Have you seen any other commercials that sample video game music? What are your favorites? Post'em below.

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Obligatory 'Guile's Theme Works With Everything' goes here.