Commandos Series To Make A Return [Update]

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Pyro Studios' classic Commando series is on the way back, with the developers announcing that once work on their current project is done, they'll be returning to the WW2 strategy franchise.

The studio revealed to that, once they're done with the Planet 51 movie tie-in they're currently working on, we'll be treated to an all-new Commandos game. One that should please fans of the older games in the series, as it's said the game will be closer to Commandos 2 than the last game in the series, Strike Force, which Pyro admit was "a mistake".

Nieuwe Commandos-game komt eraan volgens Pyro Studios []

UPDATE - Hrm. Pyro Studios have refuted the claims made by, saying the report on the Dutch site was "totally false" and that "the journalist turned the wish into news, and he quoted things that nobody said".

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Any time someone mentions the Commandos series, that line from Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines pops into my head. I was never any good at those games, even if they were essentially just "generic soldier" ripoffs of X-COM.

But it was fun getting my team killed in ridiculous and stupid ways. So fun.