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Commander Shepard Killed More than 300,000 People

Illustration for article titled Commander Shepard Killed More than 300,000 People

Mass Effect's Commander Shepard may be the savior of the galaxy, but how many people did she kill along the way? Reddit user mocha820 tallied up every kill in a standard run through all three games and assembled some neat stats on the series. Warning: spoilers ahead.


Mocha's numbers are pretty shocking, but not all that out of line for most action titles. According to this post, Mass Effect 1 had 1,251 kills and ME 3 had 2,284. Mass Effect 2 is the real shocker here with 307,065 casualties when you include the colony that Shepard destroys in the Arrival DLC.

If you're interested, definitely check out the full post which has some of the more specific break downs for each race, and what was and was not included in the count. All things considered the methodology is about as solid as you could reasonably get. Color me impressed. And also a little bit disturbed that Shepard's basically wiped out the population of Iceland.


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If you're going to include the people killed in the "Arrival" DLC, you'd better also include the deaths of the Destiny Ascension crew/Seventh Fleet (depending on your choice), along with potentially the Quarians/Geth.