Commander Shepard Hasn't Recorded Any New Mass Effect 3 Dialogue. Yet.

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So Bioware is giving us a "modified" ending to Mass Effect 3. While details are scant, the safe money is on not a changed ending, but an epilogue of sorts. Something more.


If you were hoping that would mean something more from a certain Commander Shepard, well, it doesn't sound like it will. Speaking with Edge, Jennifer Hale, the voice of Shepard, said that she hasn't recorded anything. She hasn't even been contacted by BioWare or told she'll be needed for whatever new content we end up with.

Not that she won't ever be contacted in the future, but given the timeframes needed to put DLC together, it doesn't seem likely Commander Shepard will have much of a role to play in whatever new content is added to the game's "ending".

Jennifer Hale on Mass Effect 3's ending [Edge]


I don't know why Luke keeps calling it a modified ending. They've basically said that they are making DLC that adds content that answers questions about the game. Lots of games have DLC that give an extra couple of hours after the game's initial ending.

Come on dude, please learn the difference. You're a writer for God's sakes.... A modified ending is something they'd probably do with just a patch, and they've not hinted at anything. Besides, it's EA. They'll charge you for a new ending if they do make one...