Command & Conquer Red Alert On Your iPhone

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EA Mobile sure has a busy Facebook page. First they reveal iPhone Rock Band, and now they drop details on the iPhone version of Command & Conquer Red Alert.


Due out later this month, Command & Conquer Red Alert for the iPhone and iPod Touch puts you in the boots of either to Soviets or the Allies as you fight touch-screen battles across 12 different combat levels. Many of the features of the series' PC versions are present in the portable versions. You still build your base, research new technologies, and command your troops - it's just now you do it with a tap of your finger rather than a click of your mouse.

Further utilizing the iPhone's capabilities, C&C Red Alert will allow you to zoom in and out of the battlefield using multi-touch controls, making it feel a bit more like you're playing with the future of the RTS genre rather than a port of something ages old.

Definitely an interesting proposition, but personality has always been a major factor in the success of the Red Alert series. If EA mobile can pull it off, I'll be very impressed.

EA Mobile: Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPhone and iPod touch [Facebook]


If you think about it, it's a perfect game to port to iPhone... no right clicks, no complicated controls, and very straightforward.

Starcraft, on the other hand, is a different beast. I pray that it NEVER gets ported to any kind of touch-based devices, EVER.