Command & Conquer Lives On As One Of EA's Visceral Games

The studio best known for making Dead Space and Dante's Inferno is expanding, welcoming more developers—and more than just action adventure games—into its fold, including EA's venerable Command & Conquer strategy game series.

Electronic Arts senior VP and group general manager Nick Earl tells Gamasutra that more games, including the Command & Conquer title that's "pretty far off," will exist as Visceral Games label projects. Whatever that new C&C project is, you can count on "fundamental innovation" coming to the real-time strategy series.


The growing Visceral Games brand, which will tap the talents of EA development studios in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Montreal and Melbourne, Australia, will bring you more than just Dead Space, more than just third-person action. Earl calls the Dead Space series "really emblematic of the kind of games we're building," even if that doesn't necessarily mean Command & Conquer is due for a graphically violent makeover.

Hey, it sounds better than Command & Conquer for Facebook, right?


Visceral Games is currently hard at work on Dead Space 2 and is rumored to be working on a title based on Jack the Ripper.


For more on Visceral's plans, check out the full article on Gamasutra.

Interview: Earl Reveals EA's Expansion Of Visceral Label [Gamasutra]

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