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A Bit More Info On The Makers of Dead Space's Next, Mysterious Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Late last year two unearthed trademark applications seemed to lend credence to rumors that Electronic Arts was working on a game based on Jack the Ripper, but we haven't heard anything new about the game since... until now.

Buried in analyst Michael Pachter's report on his recent visit to Electronic Arts is a single mention of the game.


Visceral Games is currently working on Dead Space 2 and, according to an informed Pachter, Ripper, a "new PSN, Xbox Live game."

The tidbit came out in a section of the report that discusses how Electronic Arts plans to fulfill their previously mentioned $100 million operating cost reduction. A bulk of those savings, Pachter reports, comes from headcount reductions and the transfer of employees from high cost locations like California to low cost locations like Montreal and China.


No word on if these desk relocations to Canada and China and layoffs are still happening or if all of that is now behind EA. We've contacted the company to find out and will update if and when they respond.

Update: EA's Jeff Brown let us now that there are no additions to the already announced headcount reductions and that many of the jobs impacted by last year's reduction in force were in California - a high cost market.