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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Coming Soon To Steam... A Baseball Fighting Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yes, you read that right. Baseball fighting game. Two combatants, two bats, one deadly, deadly ball. Oh, and some of the characters are skateboarding robots.

The game is called Lethal League, and we wrote about it back when it was still a squalling baby flash game. Now it's all grown up, feature-packed, and set to hit Steam in a couple weeks. You can, however, still play the original prototype for free if you want.

The Steam version will have these things:

-Highly competitive gameplay.

-High performance online GGPO multiplayer.

-Up to 4 players.

-Mad art.

-Banging beats by various artists.

-No weak shit.

Initially there will be five playable characters, one of whom is a skateboarding robot. There is also a cyborg crocodile who looks like he belongs in Jet Set Radio: Boombox Reptile Mutant Future.


This has, in other words, come quite a ways since it became the surprise home run hit of Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9. It'll run you $13.99, which is a weird number. Hopefully it's also the right price.

I am, however, slightly wary given that many indie PC fighting games—while beautiful snowball dervishes of concentrated violence—don't come with that much content on day one. I will, for example, recommend Nidhogg to anyone I meet on the street ("hello yes have you heard the good word of nidhogg?"), but I'll never claim it's your next 80-hour obsession.


Fingers crossed for feast instead of famine, though. Or at least a moderately satisfying snack, a tub of lard-infused popcorn for your baseball game.