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If you live in the U.K., you're about to get your very own version of Kotaku. The good people at Future Publishing are partnering with our team at Gawker Media to launch Kotaku UK. World domination continues!

The new site will launch in a few weeks and will be helmed by longtime British games reporter Keza MacDonald, who just wrapped up a fine run at IGN and has also written for The Guardian. Kotaku UK will include relevant news and opinion articles from and original stories. The site will be our fourth international partnership, joining Kotaku Australia, Kotaku Brazil, Kotaku Japan to finally give us enough Kotakus to form a Voltron.

If you're one of the more than a million U.K.-based readers already reading Kotaku each month, I hope you'll enjoy the new site. If you're one of the even larger horde reading, you can be assured that my team and I will highlight the best original stories coming from our new UK partners.


Welcome to the family, Kotaku UK! We wish you the best. (Oh, and if Leo uses any slang, can you translate it for us?)

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Stephen, I have a question. In the press briefing the way traffic is mentioned makes it sound like I am going to be geo re-directed to Kotaku UK. Will I still be able to access this site by conventional means or will I have to engage in various tricks to get access to it?