To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Is Food Hating Genetic?

It's not even Friday yet and already Comic-Con is filling the site with news, previews, screens and videos. My favorite story, so far, is Blizzard talking about what role they think Bruce Campbell should play in Warcraft.


Did I tell you I met Campbell once? This was years ago. He was doing a publicity tour for his book and the local Press Club asked me if I would host a lunch and interview him in front of an audience.

He was a pretty nice guy, but he likes undisturbed meals.

Before starting the talk, he and I sat at a table at the head of the room eating lunch. Everyone in the room was eating, so it wasn't like people were there just staring at us, or at least they shouldn't have been.


So at one point someone walks up to Campbell and starts to ask him a question. Campbell, the fork poised to pop some food in his mouth, doesn't even look at the guy. Instead he turns and looks at me with this WTF expression on his face. Not sure what exactly that meant, I sort of brushed the fan off, telling him that he could ask questions after lunch. Then Campbell went back to being sorta affable.


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