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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Comic-Con 2012: The Swag Escalates

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

On the second day of Comic-Con my true love let me buy... a ton of relatively useless but shiny and pretty things. You may have survived day one but nothing can prepare you for Comic-Con Swag Day Two: The Swaggening.

My budget has been met, and exceeded by no small amount. I blame everyone else but myself for this, because I am a firm believer in delegating responsibility. Is it my fault the Skelanimals people struck a deal with DC Comics to dress up plushies as super heroes? If it was, I am not seeing any of that money. I might sue.


So, let's prep my wife for the oncoming shortage of shelf space. Yesterday I acquired:

  • Hasbro's Transformers Dead Cliffjumper Exclusive (I call him dead Dwayne Johnson, and I can smell what he's cooking)
  • Hasbro's 2012 Exclusive Show Pony, AKA Derpy (I didn't realize she was fashion pony sized. This pleases me)
  • Hasbro's G.I. Joe Jinx x 2 (One is the original red ninja, the other from the upcoming flop. I mean film.)
  • Skelanimals Batman (How did they kill his parents if they were already dead?)
  • Udon's Persona 3: Official Design Works (The Persona 4 version is out in a few weeks!)
  • Play Arts Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning (Evan actually brought this from home for me, but I am counting it anyway. Thanks, Evan!)
  • Fortnite Durr Burger Shirt (Panel Panel Panel SWAG)
  • Yo Gabba Gabba! Gooble Plush (Be nice to Gooble, and he will be nice to you)
  • Barbarians: A Handbook for Aspiring Savages (handed to me by Insight Editions, the publisher of the upcoming GIGANTIC Blizzard art book)

That wasn't so bad, right? Completely reasonable purchases, every one. No one could fault me. No one reasonable and attractive.

Today is my third and final day at Comic-Con, and I can't see myself spending too much more on stuff.


But that's only because my eyes face outward like a normal person. Should any of the booths have mirrors on them, however...