Comic Book Series Helps Make Sense Of Nier

DC's Wildstorm imprint makes video game comic book magic once more with Nier, a three-part online comic book series detailing the fall of humanity and its lasting effects in Square Enix's upcoming action RPG.

Nier is a video game with a strong focus on one particular plot point: Nier fights to find a way to heal his disease-stricken daughter Yonah of the mysterious Black Scrawl, a deadly affliction that's brought humanity to its knees. A strong focus is good, but it leaves many unanswered questions. Where did The Black Scrawl come from? What's with the snarky talking book, Grimoire Weiss? What the hell is a "shit hog?"


For answers, Square Enix has turned to DC Comics' Wildstorm imprint to create a three-part online comic that will explore these questions and more, featuring the work of top DC Comics talent. Contributors like Ricardo Sanchez, Pop Mhan, Eddie Nunez, and Carlos D'Anda will help flesh out the Nier universe, with three installments being made available on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and the official Nier website, leading up to the game's April 27 release.

"We are extremely excited to partner with the storytellers at DC Comics to further explore the complex tale of NIER; to explore its unusual characters; and, to introduce new fans to a storyline that will challenge what they know from beginning to end," said John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix, Inc. "NIER is a game that paints a sophisticated and graphic picture of the despair resulting from an apocalyptic plague and the triumph of a father's will to protect his most prized possession, his daughter. DC Comics' ability to create colorful and engaging comics will help deliver NIER's unusual story to gamers and prepare them for what lies ahead in the game. By exploring the comics, gamers will understand the basis of Nier's world before they even pick up a sword or cast a spell."

Check out the first full cover for Nier below, and keep an eye out for more as the release date approaches.


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