Comic Book Legend Marv Wolfman Lends His Writing Talents to PlanetSide 2

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Behind every massively multiplayer online first-person shooter there is a story, and in PlanetSide 2's case that story will be written by the man who taught the Teen Titans about the ravages of drug abuse.


Whenever I think of comics great Marv Wolfman, the Teen Titans drug abuse series is what immediately springs to mind. Not his creation of Marvel Comics' Blade or Daredevil villain Bullseye. Not his work on countless films, comic books, and television shows. Just those three issues, distributed to schools around the country in 1983 to help promote drug awareness. Free comics just stick with you.

Now Marv goes back to work with Sony Online Entertainment (he handled some writing for DC Universe Online), providing a rich backstory for PlanetSide 2, a game whose players will be too busy shooting each other to appreciate the fiction.


"I'm thrilled to be working with SOE again," said Marv Wolfman. "Not only do I get to take elements from the original PlanetSide and further develop an extensive backstory that can help players more fully understand this incredible new world, but even better, I get to create dozens of individual characters that I hope will help bring alive the story of PlanetSide 2 for the entire player community."

Hopefully none of those characters will have to do battle with the greatest enemy of them all: Drug abuse.

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Watching this one closely, Planetside was an excellent and ambitious game so with today's technology I can only imagine as to what a planet scaled war is going to look like!

Anyone know if it's a PC only title or are we likely to see some PS3 action too?