Welcome, Kotaku Game Club, to the multiplayer edition of our Uncharted 3 talks! Thank you everyone for showing up a day early. I hope that you're as excited as I am to get a healthy gaming discussion in before the holiday.

In case you're stumbling upon the Game Club for the first time, our group meets on a weekly basis to analyze and discuss games piece by piece, as we play them. Now that we've all experienced the Uncharted 3 adventure, we can look at the icing on the cake: Multiplayer! While Uncharted 2's competitive multiplayer wasn't extraordinarily popular, it had a committed following. Uncharted 3 takes that same gameplay and jazzes it up with new modes and event-laden maps: Is it enough to keep you playing for months to come?

Need a topic? Give me your thoughts on this:

Do you think that, in the future, Naughty Dog should consider adding new multiplayer modes that focus less on combat and more on racing or exploration?


As we've discussed in earlier meetings, tight controls are not Uncharted's strong suit. Unlike, other shooters, Uncharted 3 has another mechanic that plays just as big a role, climbing. Yes, everybody loves shooting, but a more diverse range of multiplayer options (Kart Racing?) could be the thing to make the game stand out.


We did it guys! This is our last discussion of Uncharted 3! Of course, we'll be playing a new game next month so make sure to let us know what you think we should play next! So many great games have come out in the past few weeks, so there are tons of great choices. In meantime, keep checking Kotaku, because we'll announce the new game as soon as we decide.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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