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Gather up people. It's week four of our Gears of War 3 talks at the Kotaku Game Club. In our final discussion, we're going to see what everyone thinks about the overhauled Horde mode and its counterpart, the brand new Beast mode.


There was a fixation last week on how the addition of the sawed-off shotgun affected competitive multiplayer: I wonder if it'll stay in the spotlight this week since it's also a starter weapon in Horde mode, or if we'll have bigger fish to fry.

One last thing. Since this is our last week discussing Gears of War 3, we need to pick out a new game. Make sure to post your ideas for our next Game Club game in the new game thread.

That's it folks! After today we're closing the book on Gears of War 3. Once again, if you have an opinion on what game the Kotaku Game Club should take up next, there's a thread below for you to share it with us. We generally take a week or two off between session, but I will make sure to let everyone know what game we'll be playing next and when as soon I know.

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