Come See Kotaku Splitscreen Live In NYC

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Have you ever wondered, while enjoying the clever banter and warm rapport of Kotaku Splitscreen, what it might be like to see said banter and rapport in real life? On February 7, you’ll be able to find out.

Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and I will be hanging out at The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday, February 7. We’ll record a live episode of the show—complete with audience Q&A and maybe even a musical performance—and then we’ll hang out afterwards for a bit to say hi. Kirk will even sign your trumpets.

Tickets cost $15 a pop and come with a free drink. You can buy them here. (Just hurry up before they sell out!!!)

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This sounds pretty cool!

Two quick questions:

1.) If I bring my small baby, will he also get a free drink?

2.) Can everybody agree to help babysit during the show so I can just chill out for like... two minutes?

3.) I just... I just want to go to things again.

(Anyway, sounds cool but I think I will have to catch you guys next time around.)

(Also, my baby is actually pretty chill and I’m spoiled with nearby family who babysit so please don’t feel bad for me.)