On September 1, the PAX West convention will blossom like a great big fandom flower in the heart of downtown Seattle. Kotaku, of course,Ā will be there.

Hereā€™s a rundown of panels thatā€™ll feature Kotaku writers:

At 2PM on Friday, September 1, Kotaku features editor Chris Kohler will be on a Boss Fight Books panel discussing his new Final Fantasy V book. Heā€™ll be joined by folks whoā€™ve written books about Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdom Hearts III and Katamari Damacy, among others. Full details here.

Later Friday night, Jason Schreier and I will be hosting our first-ever Kotaku Splitscreen LIVE podcast show. Itā€™ll be Friday, September 1 at 8:00PM in the Sasquatch Theater. Itā€™s gonna be a lot of fun, with games, giveaways, and maybe even some live music. Full details here.

If youā€™d rather see a live game show that night, head to Chris Kohlerā€™s Game Show Night thatā€™s running on Friday from 8:30-9:30PM in the Sphinx Theater. Chris says youā€™ll want to get in line early at around 7PM if you want to actually play. Full details here.

And thatā€™s what Kotaku will be up to at PAX West 2017! Weā€™re psyched for the show and hope to see you there.


This piece originally appeared 8/14/17.