Come See Kotaku At PAX West 2017

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On September 1, the PAX West convention will blossom like a great big fandom flower in the heart of downtown Seattle. Kotaku, of course, will be there.


Here’s a rundown of panels that’ll feature Kotaku writers:

At 2PM on Friday, September 1, Kotaku features editor Chris Kohler will be on a Boss Fight Books panel discussing his new Final Fantasy V book. He’ll be joined by folks who’ve written books about Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdom Hearts III and Katamari Damacy, among others. Full details here.

Later Friday night, Jason Schreier and I will be hosting our first-ever Kotaku Splitscreen LIVE podcast show. It’ll be Friday, September 1 at 8:00PM in the Sasquatch Theater. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, with games, giveaways, and maybe even some live music. Full details here.

If you’d rather see a live game show that night, head to Chris Kohler’s Game Show Night that’s running on Friday from 8:30-9:30PM in the Sphinx Theater. Chris says you’ll want to get in line early at around 7PM if you want to actually play. Full details here.

And that’s what Kotaku will be up to at PAX West 2017! We’re psyched for the show and hope to see you there.

This piece originally appeared 8/14/17.

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