Dear friends, frenemies, straight-up bad guys, and anyone else who reads Kotaku—if you are headed to Boston for PAX East next month, be sure to catch our panel: Kotaku's Incredible Fantastic Panel Extravaganza XVIII-2.

We'll be hanging out, talking about video games, taking questions, and maybe even bringing some surprises—if you've ever wanted to see Stephen Totilo in a mini-skirt, now's your chance—so don't miss it. We'll be at the Dragonfly Theatre on Friday, April 11 at 11:30am. The full lineup of Kotaku staffers isn't finalized yet, but you might see appearances by the stylish Evan Narcisse, the miniature Tina Amini, the regal Stephen Totilo, the snarky Steve Marinconz, the sleepy Chris Person, and the impeccable Jason Schreier.


Don't miss this one—it'll be fun.

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