Come for the Games, Stay for the Macross Concert

Today Namco-Bandai held a Macross 30th Anniversary event at their booth in the Tokyo Game Show. During the event they talked about upcoming Macross projects like Macross the Musiculture (a Macross-themed stage musical debuting this fall in Japan) and showed the first non-teaser trailer for the new Macross movie, Macross FB7. There were even several short interviews with veteran Macross voice actors from across the franchise.


But the highlight of the show was the final fifteen minutes where Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier) gave a mini-concert of some of her most popular Macross songs. This was followed up by 20-year-old Haruka Chisuga, winner of the 30th Anniversary Miss Macross idol search competition making her Macross singing debut.

Check out the videos to see them in action. (And sorry about the sound quality, it was too loud for the camera's mic.)

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So, how about posting that Macross FB7 trailer...