Colorful ​Pokémon Dress Lets You Wear 'Em All [Update]

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Who knew Pokémon could be so fashionable?

This dress from Poprageous purports to include "literally EVERY Pokemon character." From the look of the dress, I'm guessing that means they included all 151 well-known Pokémon, and not the full 700+, but I haven't counted.

Regardless, that is a lot of Pokémon to fit on a single article of clothing, let alone a dress that actually turned out…pretty cool-looking!

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I could totally see someone cruising into a Portland coffee shop wearing this. For just $95 and the cost of a plane ticket to Oregon, that someone could be you.

(Via Geekologie)

Update 7/3/2014: As it turns out, all's not well in the world of cute Pokémon dresses. The dress in this post appears to be based off of art by artist Purplekecleon, who told us in a comment that not only is Poprageous designer Cher Parks using their artwork without permission, she's using it after Purplekecleon specifically told her not to.

Purplekecleon has documented the whole thing on tumblr, including one image from a little while back that was shared to the Poprageous tumblr with an art credit to Purplekecleon.


Meanwhile, the Pokémon dress vanished from the Poprageous store sometime overnight. I've reached out to both Parks and Purplekeckleon to find out if there's any more to the story, and will update if and when I learn more. Whatever else happens, it looks like no one's going to get to wear that dress anytime soon. A bummer all around.

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I'm a guy, but I still want this.