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College, Why The Hell Are You So Expensive?

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

Recently opened college savings accounts for Mini and Micro-Bash. Japanese universities can get expensive, but not crazy expensive like American universities. US schools are over priced — how can tuition keep going up year after year?


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Damned if I know, but at a bit over $30,000 US a year my school made US News's "Best Value" list. The word value, by the way, didn't even make the long list of what flashed in my mind when I saw the bill.

Although I have to say, since I now attend a fancy private (Jesuit, in my case) school, the contrast to state schools is astounding. Yes, I pay three times as much. However, I'm also getting taught by people with Ph.Ds, not overworked grad students, and sitting in classrooms with 20 people or less, not more than 40.

Even in NY, which has a phenomenal state system comparatively speaking, it is night and day. I often felt like SUNY was in the business of being SUNY, and providing an undergrad education got in the way of their massive science center/ supercomputer/ hospital/ medical research/ management training center/ football team.

Where I am now I feel like the school exists to educate, not that the students are here to fund the other projects. #nightnote