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College Students Float on Bags of Potato Chips

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Don't you hate how bags of potato chips are really bags of air? Some college students decided to do something about that. And best of all, they're going to sail a potato chip raft across a river.

You know when you are buying chips, you aren't just getting chips, you are also getting a bag full of air. As tipster Sang points out, recently in South Korea, people have been complaining online about "nitrogen snacks" (질소과자). "Nitrogen," of course, refers to the air in the bags.


[Photo: Old Girl Diary]

In recent years, this has become a bigger problem, resulting in less snack and more air.


So, to protest Korean snack companies ripping people off, three college students (Sung Taek Chang, Sung Ho Yoo, and Hyun Soo Park) decided to make rafts out of potato chip bags. Here is their working prototype.

(The theme song, tipster Sang adds, is from the Korean version of the Digimon theme.)

The nitrogen snack phenomenon has even made the evening news in South Korea.

According to the students, they're just trying to portray people's snack rage "in a humorous way."


The students have even told Korean media outlets like Yonhap News and Daum that they plan on building a two-person raft made from 180 bags of potato chips and paddling it across the Han River tomorrow. That's a big freakin' river.

When they do, an emergency rescue crew will be on hand.

But will this work? If the kids' video didn't convince you, maybe this photo of a dude using a bag of Korean snacks as a flotation device will?


[Photo: Enha]

Don't worry about the snacks going to waste. The students either plan on eating them once they cross the river or donating them. Maybe they could make them into a balloon and fly to the summit of Mount Bukhansan?


Good luck brave snack rafters!


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