College Student Bought an Xbox 360 with Fake Money. He Got Arrested.

Twenty-one year-old Christopher Moore swung by his local Game Stop in Norfolk, Virginia. He paid cash for an Xbox 360. The store manager, however, thought something was odd about the hundred dollar bills. They looked funny.

According to The Virginian-Pilot, the manager turned the bills over to the police, who then gave them to the Secret Service. The bills, said the Secret Service, were fake.


The following day, Moore returned to the Game Stop, attempting to return his Xbox 360. The manager phoned the cops, and the police arrested him. More fake hundred dollar bills were confiscated.

Moore, a student at Virginia Wesleyan College, goes before the district court later next month.

Wesleyan student arrested on counterfeit-money charges [HamptonRoads]

(Top photo: Zia Mazhar | AP)

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