College Males Play Violent Video Games, Look At Online Porn

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Well, no duh. Journal of Youth and Adolescence is publishing a study that examined gaming and internet use among college undergrads. Hello Captain Obvious!


Lead by Laura M. Padilla-Walker, an associate professor at the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University, the study surveyed 500 female and 313 male undergraduate college students in the U.S about ideas of self-worth, social acceptance and relationships. The average age of the students was 20 years old.

According to the research, the findings revealed "stark gender differences in video game and Internet use." Like?

College males play video games three times more than females and violent video games eight times more. In the study, males had a greater propensity to use the internet for entertainment, news and pornography. Females, on the other hand, used the internet for email and school work.

Reuters adds, "However, regardless of gender, clear correlations were seen between frequent gaming and more frequent alcohol and drug use and lower quality personal relationships, as well as more frequent violent gaming and a greater number of sexual partners and low quality personal relationships."

So let's get this straight: Many college males use the internet for pornography, play video games (violent ones, too!) and a significant number of sexual partners. M'kay? And? These are college students. Maybe they drink alcohol, too. Do a study on that!

Playing violent video games has risks: study [Reuters]


I want to get paid to do studies about the blatantly fucking obvious.