Cole Phelps Flies Off the Handle Again, but He Kinda has a Point

As the phone hacking/police corruption/influence peddling scandal is still an open case in the U.K. but seems to have cooled off in the public eye. Time to send L.A. Noire's Cole Phelps back to the scene, to investigate something most everyone shrugged off when it happened.

That would be the death of Sean Hoare, the whistleblower who was the first journalist to name big names in the case. He turned up dead at his home at the height of the scandal earlier this month. Cops called the death "not suspicious." Oh, good, I'm glad we can trust them on this.


Anyway, Phelps is on the case, until he runs into a sinister force who knows his greatest weakness. Which happens to be my weakness, too. I can't stand punches to the face.

Cole Phelps Takes on Rupert Murdoch [GameFront]

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