Colbert V Rain: DDR

Click to viewColbert is many things, but a graciously loser isn't one of them. After going off on Miyamoto for swiping the top spot in Time's 100 most influential people list (and calling Donkey Kong a game about hate crime), he settles on the person he's rally mad at. No, not himself: RAIN!!!

Hit up the jump to catch Colbert breaking it down, as the kids say, in a head-to-head dance-off with adorable Korean pop singer on Dance Dance Revolution.


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Bring Back Duckman!


Wow, that was awesome. Though not as awesome as Colbert vs. the Decemberists.

Loved how he cheated by pressing at the pads, though plugging in a controller would have been better. And to top it off, a barrel thrown at that ponytail.