Code Vein Looks Like Anime Vampire Souls In Action

“Get over here!”

Last month Bandai Namco announced Code Vein, an action role-playing game about blood-drinking revenants at the end of the world. Now we’ve got the first gameplay trailer, and aside from the dynamic transformations, it’s got a very Souls series vibe.


Just because the Dark Souls series is over doesn’t mean we’ll never dodge in and out of battle with huge horrific beasts. We’ll just do it in games like Code Vein.

All I want to do, is see you turn into, a giant woman (giant woman).
All I want to do, is see you turn into, a giant woman (giant woman).

Coming to home consoles in 2018, the game sees players traveling the wasteland of post-apocalyptic Earth, battling horrific beasts as they search for an escape from their blood-slurping existence. Before venturing forth, they’ll be able to recruit various NPC characters to fight by their side.

I’m getting a lot of Dark Souls here, mixed with a touch of Nier, though that might just be because I want every game to be more like Nier. How about you folks?

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that trailer is entirely nonsensical, but...pretty? i dunno. the translation read like an madlib of standard RPG words mashed together.