Co-Op Multiplayer Coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Bioware's upcoming fantasy epic isn't going to just have a huge single-player campaign. Dragon Age: Inquisition is also going to have co-op multiplayer, too. Get ready to battle for loot.


IGN has the first details on Inquisition's online component, which sounds like it shares some DNA with the multiplayer seen in Mass Effect 3. Designed for short play sessions, the co-op quests are smaller chunks of larger, randomly generated maps. From IGN's hands-on:

In my first run through the Elven Ruins, my team fought through a graveyard full of (shared) gold hidden behind doors only accessible by mages. The next time through, the graveyard was replaced by something else, with destructible walls only breakable by the brutish kick of a warrior one of us may or may not have decided to play. In addition to these Elven Ruins, Inquisition's multiplayer visits Tevinter and an Orlesian Palace, with more locations to come.

The multiplayer shares a small link to the single-player, casting your and your partners as a squad of adventurers out in the field doing special operations in the background of the larger narrative. You'll be able to pick from nine customizable characters at launch, three for each class. Completing quests generates gold, which players can then use to buy treasure chests to get loot. You'll also be able to pay for currency and speed up unlocks that way. Crafting will be part of multiplayer, too. Head over to IGN for all the details on Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer.


Sigh. It's like Mass Effect 3 all over again...

It'd be real nice if BioWare would just focus on making a really, really good single-player game instead of trying to distract people from their recent shortcomings with Horde Modes like these...

Yeah. That'd be nice...