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CNBC Calls Zynga a ‘Buy’ Now That Former Xbox Boss Is CEO

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sure, some people think that former Xbox czar Don Mattrick isn’t going to turn Zynga’s miserable fortunes around. But, other individuals— business-minded folk—think the exact opposite.


The most interesting thing about this clip is the perceptions being quickly flung around about the executive leaders of companies like Microsoft, Zynga, EA and Activision. It’s one thing to hear names like Riccitiello, Mattrick and Kotick being the subjects of internet commenter scorn when their decisions are unpopular.


But investors are the people that they have to actually answer to. All the gamer hate in the world can’t counter the fact that a company knows how to make money. And stock market guru Jim Cramer seems to think Don Mattrick can help Zynga get back to doing that.


Zynga’s stock launched at $10 per share but is trading at $3.44 at the time of this writing, spiking sharply after Mattrick’s appointment was confirmed earlier this week.